A kit includes 4 universally mounted lights to replace existing lights and a “Shore Power” system.  This allows a traditional light tower to bypass the engine automatically and run off of any 100 – 270 volt power source.  No switches for your customer to engage.
Easily Modernize existing light towers to:
- Reduce Downtime and Service Calls
- Provide Quieter, Better Lighting
- Extend Overall Unit Service Life
- Save Fuel Costs
- Promote a “
Greener” Solution
- Better Performance meeting DOT Lighting Standards
- Lights Are Impervious To Breakage, No Glass
- Lights Are Instant On/Off
- IP67, UL Rated for Continuous Outdoor Usage
- The most advanced LED Lighting available
- Designed and Made in USA by Mike Thurman of Signal Power for Light Towers

The LED Retro-Fit Kit
- Can be bolted and wired to any typical light tower in less than 15 minutes
- Only LED designed specifically for light towers
- Does not matter if you fit one (1) or all four (4)
- Comparable light output to typical halogen or metal halide
-   Traditional light has “spotlight” type of spread; SP light has an even 160 degree spread
- Signal Power LED’s are almost unbreakable, with no glass or moving parts
- Signal Power LED’s have a four (4) year warranty and an expected life of nine (9) years
- Uses 80% less Power
- No Broken Bulbs
- No Hazardous Materials
- No Heat