Changing the way you view light towers.
Are you looking for a: Diesel Light Tower, a Solar Light Tower, a JP-8 Light Tower?

The HYBRID TOWER may be the most versatile piece of equipment on your site. With LED lights that are designed as DOT approved street lights, the HYBRID TOWER will outperform practically every light tower you have ever used. Yet, it is much more that a standard street light. As a true hybrid light tower, the HYBRID TOWER will run 10 to 40 hours completely silent on batteries and if those batteries run low, an onboard gas, LP, or diesel generator can turn on automatically to run the lights, re-charge the batteries, and even provide power for your site; up to 500 hours on 22 gallons of fuel. Or you can plug the unit into any household power supply to run the lights and recharge the batteries and then during the day, the solar panels can finish the job of recharging the batteries.  There is much more.


Quick connect additional lights, video equipment, advertising, camera surveillance, and other technology attachments.

· Patented  - Rotate lights to streetlight position

· Patent Pending  - Quick connect camera surveillance

· Patented - In front of lights signage

· Patented  - Mast mounted signage

· Patented  -  Front corner lighting/extension lighting on tripod

· Quick connect to add additional lights or tools

· Mast mounted LED monitor available in 4 ft x 7 ft high definition


Recognizes the desire for reduced carbon footprint and dramatic fuel savings while also guaranteeing 100% light on demand regardless of conditions.

· Battery - Four (4) 6 volt for a 24 volt system, deep cycle with optional lithium availability
· 80 amps of battery charging, patented feature means faster charging than any  other machine available
· Shore Power (extension cord, wall outlet)
· Solar - 500 watt charging, expandable to virtually any desired amount
· Generator – 10 kw Perkins or 6 kw Honda generator with automatic start on low battery
· Additional power available. as much as 8 kw available while lights are running unlike on a standard light tower
· Generator available in Perkins Diesel/JP-8, Honda gasoline, Honda tri-fuel (gasoline / propane / natural gas)
· Patented - Automatic switching between all power sources