The Hybrid Tower is a truly green LED light tower because it utilizes batteries and solar power.  However, we realize that there are times when that is not enough and that is why the Patented Hybrid Tower utilizes a generator powered by either a 10 KW Perkins diesel engine or a 6 KW Honda gasoline engine (an optional dual fuel system is also available).

The Hybrid Tower power system works by running on batteries and when the unit reads a low battery charge, the generator will engage automatically to run the lights and charge the batteries
simultaneously.  This allows for uninterrupted lighting! Constant light access also means that even if there is no solar reflectivity available, the Hybrid Tower will use approximately 90% less fuel than a standard light tower. 

The generator also provide jobsite power when needed and more importantly, the Hybrid Tower has as many as 8000 watts of available power when the lights are running. Unlike standard light towers that have no available power when the generator is running, the Hybrid Tower is easily accessible for changes even when in use.